Outsourcing Services

BioGiene would take full responsibility for all aspects of the Hygiene and sanitation process.
We would recruit, induct and train all the cleaning staff and provide an onsite supervisor and or manager depending on the size of the facility.
We would supply, install and maintain any new cleaning system or maintain the current system if one has already been installed.

Our services would also include:

  • Consumables
  • Chemical supply
  • Protective Personal Equipment
  • Administration costs
  • Public liability insurance ( $20,000,000 )
  • Wages and Supervision costs paid in accordance with applicable Industry sectors and/or Federal awards
  • Sick and leave pay
  • Superannuation
  • Workers Compensation

Biogiene would provide all compliance documentation to support the clean including cleaning schedules, cleaning instructions, pre-operative inspection sheets and other control documentation.

The main advantages are:

  • A fixed weekly fee simplifying your budgeting of the cleaning cost
  • Cost savings and resource efficiencies, allowing the client to focus on their core business of processing safe food
  • Development of one management system and set of tools
  • The provision of one manager to oversee all, cleaning operations and provide the client with a single key point of accountability

An initial site inspection will allow us to provide you a quote for the contract. This initial visit also allows us to plan the size and type of cleaning system to deploy to assist our cleaners.

Once a contract has been formed our first consideration is to appoint a suitable BioGiene site manager who will work closely with your new cleaning team ensuring they know what is required and to monitor their performance. If needed, we will write quality management system documentation for the cleaning and sanitation of your site. Only then do we commence work on your site – we want it right first time, and every time from then on.

We endeavor to deploy experienced staff onto every new site then gradually we migrate newly trained local staff onto the site after the initial transitional period. We may look at the recruitment of existing cleaning personnel where appropriate and this is in consultation with you.

We continue to focus on your requirements of cleanliness and timeliness throughout.