OPCS: Open Plant Cleaning System

Our latest technology low pressure cleaning systems are designed specifically for the food industry. These systems help to save water and chemicals, are labouring efficient and at the same time, gentle on electrical installations, bearings and processing equipment in general. This ultimately means less wastage and wear and tear for the client's equipment.

The OPCS can be divided into one of the three configurations:

Central systems

Central systems are systems in which every cleaning outlet receives detergent from a central station. The system consists of a pump unit which boosts the water pressure, a central mixing/pump station for each type of detergent and a number of satellite stations depending on requirements.
Each satellite station is supplied with premixed detergent from the mixing/pump station, pressurised water from the pump station and compressed air from the factory services.
Storing the detergents outside the production area means that the cleaning operator does not come into contact with the concentrated product. 

Decentralised cleaning systems

Decentralised cleaning systems enable the user to select an individual detergent and disinfectant for the cleaning task in question.
Each cleaning outlet is supplied with pressurised water from a pump station/main station, and compressed air from the factory services, whilst the satellite outlet has its own supply of detergent and disinfectant from localised drums.
A wide range of satellite stations and main stations satisfies every need - the separation of detergents and disinfectants, for example. All systems can rinse, apply foam and disinfect autonomous of the other.

Mobile units

The use of mobile units can be advantageous in areas where cleaning does not need to be carried out so frequently and where the areas concerned are at a distance from each other. These units contain a centrifugal pump and injector system for mixing the detergent and disinfectant, water and air. Additionally, some models can be fitted with a built-in compressor in order to provide an independent supply of compressed air.