In-sourcing Services

Your company employs all the cleaning staff directly and provides all the necessary cleaning equipment, protective clothing and consumables.
BioGiene would supply a site manager and or supervisors.

Some of their duties would include:

  • Equipment – The management and maintenance of the cleaning system
  • Improve cleaning efficiencies and advise on ways to reduce costs
  • Reduce the use of chemicals
  • Reduce water wastage
  • Monitor quality, by employing stringent control, inspection and continuous focus on improvement
  • Produce customised supporting documentation, cleaning schedules, quality control sheets, risk assessments and work instructions
  • Staff training – OSH, Quality awareness training, chemical handling, etc

The advantages to you as a customer are:

  • Control – The benefits of this structure is the company can retain control of the process yet still receive a specialised service from a qualified contractor
  • Efficiencies – BioGiene employs methods and proven procedures to considerably reduce the time used on the cleaning process without compromising the standard of cleaning
  • Compliance – Biogiene provides all necessary documentation and technical know-how to facilitate regulatory authorities and other third party auditors

The result for you is Lower Costs!