Your requirements will be unique but you can be assured that our initial discussions and site audit will determine what you require. 

We consider that the human resource we deploy on your site to be the most important facet of achieving your requirements.  A process of recruitment, vetting, training and close management ensures that we have workers on your site you can trust. 

Often we will install, at our cost, specialist plant cleaning systems to maximise our efficiency on your site.  We can work in with your existing chemical supplier or recommend the right chemicals for the job – either way we remain mission oriented.

Another area we deem as crucial to getting the job done properly is having the right procedures in place.  BioGiene will create all of the relevant documentation for your site ensuring we comply with the following:

  • OSH
  • Risk Management and Site Safety Plans
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Correct cleaning of equipment to avoid damage and unnecessary wear

With our extensive industry knowledge we go further than just doing what we are told, we can work with you to achieve the best and most cost effective outcome for your site.