What do our customers say?  
CMP Kokiri  

“After our closedown we changed from our previous contractor to BioGiene.  During the closedown period BioGiene installed a new $100,000 OPCS system onto our beef facility.  Results from our start-up have exceeded the expectations of the technical and management team.  BioGiene followed a systematic process to ensure that our start-up was achieved smoothly and that results from Day 1 were excellent.  Due to NZ Law BioGiene was required to retain employees from the previous Contractor and have re-trained these staff and provided them with competent supervision.  The improvement in attitude and performance from these staff has been remarkable.   We have also see chemical and water usage reduced significantly.  The decision to contract BioGiene has proved to be an excellent business decision for our Plant, with a strong partnership being forged.”

 Karen Doolan

 Technical Manager 





Harvey Beef  

"We brought on BioGiene in late 2007 to replace an existing contracted cleaner.  The transition was smooth, just the initial teething issues you would expect that were addressed quickly.  We have BioGiene running our laundry, cleaning the production areas, amenities, lunchroom and offices.  The cleaning systems installed by BioGiene have worked very well for us and the contact surface results we are getting now have been the best we have ever had – they are excellent.  I have nothing but compliments for Tony and his team; they have a good attitude and are an asset.

Simply put, if they were no good, they wouldn’t be here.”

Ralph Capone

Quality Assurance Manager


Harvey WA 6220


Quality Meats - Scone  

After reviewing the Night cleaning at Scone and receiving a quotation from Biogiene it was without hesitation I engaged Biogiene to look after the night hygiene and the chemical supply at this facility.  We have seen the similar improvement as I experienced when at Harvey Beef in relation to hygiene and sanitation as well as a $156,000 per annum removal from our operations cost.  Biogiene continue to be an integral part of our abattoir’s operational needs.  The management are easily reached and committed to customer service and satisfaction; any issues that have been raised have been immediately addressed.  It is without hesitation that I would recommend Biogiene for the provision of cleaning services and should you require additional information I can be reached on the numbers below.

Todd Brooks

General Manager


Scone NSW 2337


Cassino RSM

BioGiene has provided cleaning services for us since 2007.  Prior to partnering with BioGiene we utilised our own dedicated staff but we struggled with managing their performance in the role.  By contracting the cleaning role to BioGiene we achieved several things.  Firstly, reduced water usage as BioGiene installed specialist systems at their expense.  Secondly, we found that the chemical delivery systems they installed significantly reduced chemical use too – there just isn’t any chance of human error applying chemicals with this venturi setup.  Thirdly, we have someone to point the finger at if there is ever a problem.  Although this sounds harsh, this accountability works very well and all in all we are very happy with BioGoiene's services.  We have no resrvations in recommending BioGiene to other processors. 

Mark Jolly

Quality Assurance Manager


Booyong NSW 2480


Hans Primo

From my end, the main benefits I see in having had BioGiene clean for us here have been; BioGiene has a professional approach focussed on the outcome of the clean, they are receptive if problems or concerns are raised and are serious about doing their best.  Additionally, the cleaning standard has been excellent and has enabled us to focus our management efforts on other matters.  I am very comfortable in recommending them here. 

Dion Nolan

State Operations Manager


Wacol Qld 


Snap Fresh Foods

BioGiene commenced operations for us cleaning our pre-wash and high-hygiene areas early this year.  My reasoning for awarding BioGiene was that we found that the existing Contractor ISS had become complacent and was failing to meet our standards.  BioGiene assessed the role and supplied trained staff and specialist low pressure portable cleaning systems that has made a massive difference to the performance of the clean here.  I know that the technical and QA are also very happy with the turnaround allowing them to focus on their core roles.  I would not hesitate to recommend BioGiene to any company that takes its hygiene results seriously, particularly where you have an RTE or high-hygiene area and only the best will do.  I have personally worked in red meat, poultry, fish and vegetables and I would consider them to be the best I have seen in the industry. 

Danny Hamilton

NI Operations Manager

+64 21 084 03991