At BioGiene we realise that providing a quality service is the key to contract longevity.

Our quality system will ensure that all our clients’ performance requirements are met, and that any issues that may arise throughout the course of the contract, are always resolved quickly, and followed up with a proactive action plan to prevent reoccurrence.

The BioGiene Quality Assurance system covers the following processes:

  • Contract Review Processes
  • Control of Processes
  • Document and Data control Processes
  • Inspection Processes
  • Maintenance of Equipment and Chemical Storage
  • Maintenance of Records
  • Organisational Charts and reporting methods
  • Purchasing and Supplier Assessment
  • Quality system Review Meetings
  • Staff Training and System Auditing


Our Promise

Today, the high cleaning and safety standards required by MPI, makes it pertinent that food processing sites comply with these standards in order to supply.

BioGiene’s managers have worked with cleaning and hygiene solutions in the food industry for a number of years, and know what it takes to comply with these standards. Biogiene can ensure that all compliance requirements are met.

More specifically, BioGiene will deliver:

  • Compliance with accrediting systems such as:
  • Compliance with third party auditors:
    AsureQuality, HACCP and GMP